Anti-cellulite weight loss underwear sets

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    Date 2014-05-06

    Anti-cellulite weight loss underwear sets

    Cosmetics Active Ingredients  dissolve excess fatty tissue and fluids

    1. Lift your breast and  buttocks with a second-skin- fabric.

    2. Firming, Moisturizing , smooth, soften all skins by microencapsulations  released from the smart fiber .

    3.  Perfumed and refreshed while wearing this smart underwear .

    4. Accelerates the processing of accumulated fluids and fatty stores. Improves flushing of fluids from fat deposits in the thighs, legs, hips, stomach and buttocks

    5. Machine washable.  Microencapsulation are still left until 30 washes.

    6. Boost cellular metabolism.


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